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Wednesday 21 Sep 2022 -
Wednesday 21 Sep 2022

18 : 00 | Santiniketan

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Chikankari appeared in Lucknow in the late 18th century and is one of the finest traditional embroideries of India, a symbol of Lucknawi culture and elegant courts of the nawabs of Awadh.

Its exquisite aesthetic and craftsmanship have sustained the tradition to this day, through changing patronage and market trends.  The book by Paola Manfredi showcases unknown gems from personal and public collections and brings to life the history of this unique craft tradition. The various chapters describe the mysterious origins of the craft, the range of costumes, the inspirations behind its motifs, the time-honoured elaborate production process and the bewildering array of stitches that raised this craft to a truly exceptional art form.

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