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The exhibition, ‘Hum Sab Sahmat: Resisting a Nation without Citizens’, displaying artistic expressions of over 250 artists, photographers and writers across India, is not only an ode to the core values that have guided Sahmat’s democratic mission but also an event to collectively reflect upon the present conjuncture.

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The Collection

Arthshila Santiniketan hosts a collection of books, periodicals, digital resources, and films dedicated to art history, fine art, and visual culture. The collection is open to public access from the library space at the centre. The centre has a curated collection of books on Art for young readers, meant to serve as an orientation point for children to the world of art and artists.

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For an intellectual evening or a creative hideaway, come explore the many spaces of Arthshila Santiniketan.


Literature | Discussion

31 May 2023
The comprehensive art book explores the life and works of the famous Japanese ukiyo-e artist, Utagawa Hiroshige. The book delves into the various themes and styles of Hiroshige's artwork, such..

Film | Screening

26 May 2023
The Making of the Mahatma 1996 | English | 144 mins While fighting a case in South Africa, Mohandas Gandhi, a London-trained barrister, experiences racism and fights for the rights of..

Literature | Discussion

24 May 2023
In this book, K. G. Subramanyan, a highly acclaimed Indian artist renowned for his extensive knowledge and his art pieces filled with humor, rebellion, folklore, and insightful social commentary, has..

Film | Screening

19 May 2023
Film Showcase | A Thin Wall 65 mins | English, Hindi Shot in Delhi, Lahore and New York, the documentary is about memory, reconciliation and the Partition of India. It..

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