Liberating the Mundane

The exhibition manoeuvres through the ongoing journeys & inquiries that Mad(e) In Mumbai has taken up with civic authorities in various cities across the country.

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Arthshila Santiniketan hosts a collection of books, periodicals, digital resources, and films dedicated to art history, fine art, and visual culture. The collection is open to public access from the library space at the centre. The centre has a curated collection of books on Art for young readers, meant to serve as an orientation point for children to the world of art and artists.

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For an intellectual evening or a creative hideaway, come explore the many spaces of Arthshila Santiniketan.


Film | Screening

9 December 2022
Fabulative Futures  Duration: 180 Minutes The videos presented here are part of the collective artistic research project Fabulation for Future, which was based on the call for deputies to form the..

Book | Conversation

7 December 2022
The book "Dancing with my Camera"  Edited by Stephanie Rosenthal, this publication is produced on the occasion of Singh’s touring retrospective. The book brings together for the first time the..

Film | Screening

2 December 2022
Die Neue Nationalgalerie Duration: 48 Minutes | German with English Subtitles The New National Gallery - in Berlin is an epoch-defining Structure by the architect Mies van der Rohe. Fifty..

Masterclass | Event

26 November 2022
Sounds are embedded in almost every aspect of daily life, from communication and artistic expression to commerce, politics, and our social and cultural identities.   Aurality or hearing is one..

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