The 2020 Takshila Fine Arts Scholars Show

The 2020 Takshila Fine Arts Scholars Show designed by Arpita Akhanda features works by Ammu S, Amaldev S Narayanan, Ghana Shyam Latua, Maksud Ali Mondal, and Santanu Chakraborty.

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The Collection

Arthshila Santiniketan hosts a collection of books, periodicals, digital resources, and films dedicated to art history, fine art, and visual culture. The collection is open to public access from the library space at the centre. The centre has a curated collection of books on Art for young readers, meant to serve as an orientation point for children to the world of art and artists.

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Presentation | Handloom

7 August 2022
Arthshila Santiniketan on the 7th of August, at 6pm at Arthshila Santiniketan will be hosting a presentation by Dr. Vishal C. Bhand where he will share an overview of handloom..

Film | Screening

2 August 2022
To commemorate Ramkinkar Baij's 42nd death anniversary, Arthshila Santiniketan, in collaboration with Musui Art Foundation, will be a hosting a special screening of the films Ramkinkar Baij (by Debabrata Roy)..

Exhibition | Fine Arts

15 July 2022
The 2020 Takshila Fine Arts Scholars Show opens at Arthshila Santiniketan on the 15th of July, 2022 at 6 pm. The exhibition features works by Ammu S, Amaldev S Narayanan,..

Film | Screening

22 July 2022
Eeb Allay Ooo! (2019) Duration: 98 mins | Language: Hindi Hired as a monkey repellent, Anjani, a young migrant worker struggles to adjust to life in Delhi, after becoming the..

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