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VISION & VISUALS: Jatindrakumar Sen’s Illustrations for Parashuram’s Stories

Vision & Visuals presents the creative collaboration between the great Bengali writer Parashuram and artist Jatindrakumar Sen, via the visuals created by Sen based on Parashuram’s instructions and sketches.

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Arthshila Santiniketan hosts a collection of books, periodicals, digital resources, and films dedicated to art history, fine art, and visual culture. The collection is open to public access from the library space at the centre. The centre has a curated collection of books on Art for young readers, meant to serve as an orientation point for children to the world of art and artists.

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Literature | Discussion

20 September 2023
The book brings together major essays by Roland Barthes on the structural analysis of narrative and issues in literary theory, on the semiotics of photograph and film, and the practice..

Literature | Discussion

27 September 2023
A clever, quirky, and highly entertaining biography of the leading contemporary artist, Banksy, written specially for children. Banksy is a world-famous graffiti artist who secretly spray-paint pictures on streets and..

Workshop | Talk

29 September 2023
A workshop led by the Australian artist Kaz Therese, titled "Dreaming Futures: Workshop and Artist Talk." This workshop is designed for both seasoned and emerging artists who are engaged in..

Literature | Session,Story

30 September 2023
In "Chikitsa Sankat" by Rajsekhar Basu (Parashuram), a young man's injury leads to comical confusion among diverse medical treatments—Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda. Marrying a doctor humorously resolves his dilemma, satirizing the..

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