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Arthart: Arts in Dialogue

ARTHART A biannual Indian arts journal Multi-arts. Focusing on the intersections, the relationships, the discourse, and the collaborations in creative expression and ideas, from the visual to the performing, the traditional to the experimental. Inclusive. A celebration of our diverse heritage. Including nonmainstream, alternative, out-of-the-box, socially significant practices and initiatives across the country, in different languages, with different segments of society. Art and community. A space for new thinkers and writers, for the voices of practitioners, promoting discussion to develop critical thinking and positive critique.

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Spaces in Time: A Life in Architecture

Spaces in Time: A Life in Architecture chronicles seventy years of an architect’s life through the places and edifices he designed, built and lived for, through the events that shaped his country and him post-Independence, and through the people who accompanied him along the way. In this memoir, Ramu Katakam shares the ‘prana’ that has influenced his work and continues to inspire him.

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Patna - Facts Frames and Frozen Memories

Patna is the charismatic land which has basked in the limelight for over 5,000 years. Its mutli-layered history speaks of the people, cutures and dynasties that flourished here through the ages. Pataligram to Patalipatnam to Pataliputra to Pa-lin-fou to Patlibothra to Kusumapura to Azimabad, and several other names in between, Patna has held its own.

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Somnath Hore

Somnath Hore is a book to commemorate 100 years of the artist’s life and work. Curated by sculptor K.S. Radhakrishnan and featuring over 1,100 artworks by Somnath Hore, it pays tribute to one of the most remarkable and multi-faceted artists of the 20th century, who is deeply admired for the consistency and intensity with which he explored human suffering by way of numerous techniques of printmaking and bronze sculpting.

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