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Reading Session on ‘Sher Ki Neend’ with Tripat Ratra

Sunday 11 February 2024 -
Sunday 11 February 2024

17 : 30 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

The session will entail a mix of music and drama, where children will take the lead to recreate the story in our own world. During the session, children will be encouraged to put themselves into the position of the story’s protagonist, to develop a sense of empathy, to consider their actions and reactions and why they may have made them. It is a delight to have this session in the week of ‘World Book Read Aloud Day’.

In the Jungle there is a Lion, Robbie, who feels very sleepy but can’t sleep anywhere. What annoys him and keeps him from sleeping? How does a little bird come to his rescue? This book has pictures created by sewing the felt to design graphic illustrations. Each page is a work of art, which is not only visually appealing but also carries forward the story in the most memorable way.

Tripat Ratra recently found her calling as a storyteller and there was no turning back. Sharing classic tales with the little learners and being with them, on their journey to becoming avid readers, is the gratification she primarily seeks in her role as an educator and storyteller. She is the founder of Thinking Hearts, which is a nomadic brand born out of Tripat’s love for storytelling.

Sher Ki Neend is published by Jugnoo Prakashan of Ektara. Ektara is Takshila’s Centre for Children’s Literature and Art. Located in Bhopal, Ektara is working towards enriching a child’s world with various colors and experiences of art and literature.

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