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Bombay Imagined | Robert Stephens & Chinmay Tumbe

Saturday 12 November 2022 -
Sunday 13 November 2022

18 : 30 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

The coming week marks an exciting month of the ongoing Exhibition ‘Bombay Imagined: An Illustrated History of the Unbuilt City’. Over two days spanning 12 & 13 November 2022 (Saturday – Sunday), Arthshila Ahmedabad will host the Bombay Imagined Exhibition Walkthrough, Reading Session, and Stand-up non-fiction comedy with Robert Stephens and Chinmay Tumbe to formally close the exhibition.


Bombay Imagined Exhibition Walkthrough:
Robert Stephens will talk about a wide array of failed urban dreams, the importance of scale in exhibition design, the process of transforming research into creative writing, and the art of bookmaking.

Date: 12 November 2022 | Saturday
Time: 3.30 pm onwards


The Bombay Rare Book Reading Room Walkthrough and Selected Reading:
The Bombay Reading Room features more than 3,000 years of rare books and archival material from the Urbs Indis Library. Robert Stephens will host a Rare Book Walkthrough and a Reading Session.
Date: 13 November 2022 | Sunday
Time: 5.00 pm onwards


The Archival City: Stand-up non-fiction comedy with Robert Stephens and Chinmay Tumbe:
The humorists with a passion for history will explore the city through archives, the (f)art(s) of research and their ten favourite open-access repositories from around the world.
Date: 13 November 2022 | Sunday
Time: 6.00 pm onwards

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