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Adver-City game-play with Zaid Maniar and Aadil Attarwala

18 : 00 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

Recommended age: 12+

Adver-City is a board game that challenges you to build a city and survive in an uncertain world, where your plans are always disrupted by something you had nothing to do with. The game educates about maintaining cities through adversities and history as the players travel from 1920 – 2020 facing real world events.

Aadil Attarwala is an entrepreneur and innovator who has an interest in developing products that approach a problem wearing the lens of sustainability. Zaid Maniar is an architect and an author and believes in the philosophy of design sans scale.

In this event Aadil and Zaid will elaborate on the process of designing a board game called Adver-City, followed by a game-play session.

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