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Formerly designed and built by Banduksmith Studio, this four-storey building has been adapted to the vision of Arthshila. With 2 floors dedicated to our collection, a floor for exhibitions and a floor to host film screenings, Arthshila Ahmedabad sits pristine amongst institutions like IIM, AMA, ATIRA and more!

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For an intellectual evening or a creative hideaway, come explore the many spaces of Arthshila Ahmedabad.


Film | Screening

2 December 2022
Arthshila Ahmedabad's Film Showcase this week features ‘State of Housing’ by Sanjiv Shah and ‘The Burning Sun’ by S.N.S. Sastry. About State of Housing: A film directed by Sanjiv Shah,..

Architecture | Talk

2 December 2022
Prita will share some insights from her vast experience at the grassroots level with rural and urban landscapes across 4 districts in Gujarat. The talk shall address one of the..

Film | Screening

25 November 2022
Arthshila Ahmedabad's Film Showcase this week features ‘Charulata’ by Satyajit Ray. Satyajit Ray’s personal favourite and arguably his most acclaimed film, this Rabindranath Tagore adaptation is a whirlwind of repressed..

Art | Exhibition

20 November 2022
Arthshila Ahmedabad hosted the opening of ‘UNHEALING WOUNDS: An Exhibition on the Works of Somnath Hore in commemoration of his centenary, curated by KS Radhakrishnan on 20 November 2022 at..

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